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I went to one function as a handbag, a HABag if you will (I like that) with her, at the casino, that I snuck out of the house to go to.It was something, I think a best and fairest dinner, or an end of season function.I was always aware growing up if a girl had to choose between average old me with my brains and collection of stickers, and a guy who could play football, I was always going to lose out to guys who could play football.This is accepted in Tasmania, although it is still a shame - I wouldn't mind having a crack at Miss Z, but it's not going to happen, I don't play football.Handles on fake bags are often made of plastic.“Over time, when you’re using leather handles on a real Louis Vuitton, it patinas over time, which means it gets this nice honey brown color to it.

I think the pursuit of minor celebrity, of marrying a footballer or being someone like Jake Wall (TV hopeful) is an important aspiration.

I'm excited by this, as I'm excited we're entering a golden age of AFL Wags, of kiss and tell exposes in the Herald Sun, of players girlfriends ending up hosting travel segments and weather reports, taking the jobs of Jaynie Seal and Monique Wright.

What Twigley started, I hope Z can continue - I was upset that the Herald Sun comments section on the story the Miss Z may have snogged Mr F to be disappointing.

LV Logo and Louis Vuitton Name Whether it’s an LV or Louis Vuitton spelled out, the logo will never be sliced through or cut in half on real bags. On the fake bag shown in the photo, Louis Vuitton is sliced through on top.

Lining Louis Vuitton Speedy bags have a canvas lining—never suede or leather.

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