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-SKB PM – a better place Update: Here are the results from the poll we sent out last night: Looks like a surprising number of you have it together!! –MG PM – 1080 Princeton Advert This Thursday 1080 Princeton, a group of student video journalists, are screening the work that they’ve done this semester.

The screening will take place at in Mc Cormick 101, and I was told that there was going to be free bubble tea and snacks. SJ – Tartarus (J Street) Email a little while ago from USG said that a Dean’s Date event will begin in Campus Club at (half an hour papers are due? There will be free Princeton beanies, which is honestly the only reason I’m going.

“As a visual arts major, my academic schedule looks a little different,” she said.

“Since I see that everyone else is stressed, I thought it would be nice if I could remind them that there are other things, and that everything will be okay. First, she draws them in pen on standard computer paper, then she scans it to a computer and adds color in Photoshop.

As we approach 5pm on Dean’s Date, check out how the University sources / expends its energy, through this LIVE app (like this LIVE blog) created by Savraj Singh ’03. Have you ever wondered how I am able to do all my work in such a timely and efficient manner?

Currently, about 42% of campus electricity demand comes from academic buildings, while libraries only account for 4.32%. Are you slowly beginning to feel like Andre Iguodala and Dean’s Date’s 5 PM deadline is Le Bron James in this legendary moment of NBA history?

When she is done, she prints the zines onto a single sheet of paper and folds them into a notebook form. -EDS PM – The farthest corners of the wiki-verse While searching the interweb to learn whether Al Gore really claimed to invent the internet, I came across a list of misquotations, which led me to a list of misconceptions, which taught me that George Washington Carver in fact did not invent peanut butter, which taught me that peanuts are also called “goobers.” Wikipedia chains can grow particularly long on Dean’s Date.

When she gives the zines to people who are studying, “most of them are surprised and confused,” Helen said. For more a more competitive dose of Wikipedia-related fun, check out “The Wiki Game.” The objective is to travel from one obscure Wikipedia page to another in the shortest amount of time/clicks using only embedded links.

And I was mighty surprised to find, in Old Havana’s tourist-popular Plaza Vieja, the social commentary of sculptor Roberto Fabelo‘s nude woman with a fork riding a rooster (above; think of its single-syllable synonym); she is clearly a (rider), a woman who goes with foreigners to survive, since it’s impossible to survive purely on local salaries.Beyond that, perhaps more than most cities I can name, you can get an eyeful of art just by walking the streets, as increasingly the shabby façades are being enlivened and made more interesting by a growing array of street art – some “official”, some not.The oldest examples – dating back to the 1990s – are the colourful wall murals on Centro Habana‘s Callejón de Hamel (above), a centre of Afro-Cuban culture where many of the images reflect the African-Catholic hybrid religion known as Santería (go on Sunday around noon, when there’s amazing music and dancing, as well). – Dickinson Hall Chad Kanoff ’17 turns in his term paper for HIS383. PM – Outside Campus Club This is the line outside, waiting for those beanies.-EDS PM – Campus Club, obviously If you’re wondering how long it’ll take you to get a beanie, the answer is No one cares about the doughnuts.

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