Healthy dating relationships quiz how successful are online dating services

■ Decide to lose a few pounds’your health is a priority. A friend you haven’t seen in months says you are looking thinner.

You’re most likely to: ■ Appreciate the comment, but chalk it up to the black outfit you’re wearing.● Eagerly find out why she thinks so, wanting to believe her every word.

Determine which shape you chose most often and find out your body image profile below (you may fall into more than one category). At a restaurant, the waiter asks whether you’d like to see the dessert menu.

You are most likely to think: ■ ‘Should I treat myself?

Valerie Taylor, a psychiatrist and assistant professor in the department of psychiatry and behavioural neurosciences at Mc Master University. Do you think it’s time for a change but you are not sure if this is the right thing to do? Go back to your list and count how many times you marked down “True”. There are a lot of issues you need to discuss with your partner as it’s pretty clear that you are not satisfied.Take the break up quiz and see if this the right timing for you to move on. Then check your status based on the following break up quiz results: 23-30: you are in a wonderful relationship that makes you happy. You guys are doing fine in terms of communication and understanding each side. To help you understand better the areas where you need to work your relationship, go back to the break up quiz and check all the answers you marked down as “False”.You feel confident in your relationships, which are authentic, and you rarely let insecurities hold you back.Just be careful not to be cavalier about your weight.

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