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How can a girl expect to feel happy after a hook-up if it wasn’t any good during, either?And unfortunately, dissatisfaction from hook-ups is all too common for women.As much as sex-positive collegiettes want to dismiss these ignorant attitudes, there’s no denying that facing insult and judgment from others can totally put a damper on an otherwise positive experience. There’s no shortcut for changing society, but you can surround yourself with the right people who will support your right to do what you want with your body.“If you're a girl who likes to hook up with some regularity, I have three pieces of advice,” says Dr. “One, make sure you have at least some friends who are not judgmental of your behavior.Unfortunately, your hook-ups – no matter how appropriately motivated or awesomely executed – don’t exist in a vacuum.

Plain and simple, a reason why a hook-up might leave you feeling mentally poor is because a hook-up left you feeling poor.

You should seek out a partner who will leave you feeling appreciated and secure.

No one says your one-night stand has to be dating material, but according to Dr.

During sexual intercourse, the female brain releases a hormone called oxytocin.

Sometimes known as the attachment hormone, oxytocin can induce feelings of love and closeness, so even if you had no romantic interest in your hook-up, your body might trick you into thinking that you do.

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