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In ancient Greece, stone artists such as Phidias, Callicrates and Myrmecides enjoyed the technical challenge of creating tiny insects in sculpture.Monks in the Middle Ages faithfully copied documents and adorned them with naturalistic figures of plants and insects.The code of bushido required the samurai’s fierce loyalty and obedience to a lord, yet each warrior strove to perfect the gentle arts of poetry, art and calligraphy.

Look closely at these pictures of hand-drawn butterflies.Insects also appeared as heraldic symbols on clothing and armor in medieval Europe.But it was in medieval Japan where the depiction of insects on family crests reached an artistic height in simplicity, balance, and aesthetic quality.We marvel at birds, masters of the sky, who defy gravity and soar into a layer of the troposphere almost entirely foreign to us land-borne humans.We harness flight in our dreams, manifest it through extreme sports, and mimic it with modern technology.

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