I confronted youths that were intimidating

Several journalists reported that they were assaulted by police while covering protests against the meeting, which included leaders of the 19 largest industrial nations in the world plus the EU.

Leading up to the summit, Police had demolished protesters’ tents when Eimermacher tried to leave the area, telling police he felt unwell.

Journalists who lost accreditation include the photographer Björn Kietzmann, Rafael Heygster (Weser Kurier), photographer for Junge Welt, Willi Effenberger Alfred Denzinger (Beobachter News), photographer Chris Grodotzki (Spiegel Online), Adil Yigit (Avrupa Postasi), editor Elsa Koester (Neues Deutschland) and freelance photographer Po Ming Cheung.

When trying to enter a press area, Grodotzki and Yigit were told by police that their accreditation was no longer valid.

Photographers Björn Kietzmann for Weser Kurier and Rafael Heygster were also not allowed to enter the press area.

Müller does not think that this treatment will intimidate journalists into stepping back from events like this in the future.

Hein and two other youths who were present when the murder took place, as well as the actual killer, and were convicted under the felony murder rule because the murder was committed during the course of a felony – the attempted robbery of marijuana kept for sale by Farris's friend, Michael Mc Loren.

Under the felony murder rule, any participant in a felony is criminally responsible for any death that occurs during its commission.

On May 22, 1995, five youths ranging in age from 15 to 18 were drinking alcohol and cruising in a pickup truck around Agoura Hills, a suburban town in Los Angeles County, California.

Thirty-two journalists had their accreditation revoked by federal police on 7 and 8 July.

German government spokesperson Steffen Seibert cited ‘security concerns’ as the rationale for the loss of access to the summit.

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