If two blind people dating

And someone who won't reject me just because I'm a single mother of two daughters.And I'd love to have a couple more kids soon enough, but only if, I find the right one for me and my daughters. I also can sing, cook, play the flute, and other things as well. I am full of randomness :) i feel that sight is not required for someone to be who they want to be. I am forty six now and still have not found the girl who can understand me..... It probably seems odd that I'm looking for someone who cannot see, but then again, does anyone really know why we do what we do? I love music, especially considering that I eventually want to be a music director. Tammie Hello everyone my name is Ryan Hernandez I lost my right eye when i was 15 to a detach retina caused by my dad beating me and not wanting to take me to the eye doctor I had a -10 in my left eye but it seems like day by day i am loosing my eye completely i can now only see shadows a few feet in front of me I am also gay and have a great partner who is very supportive but makes stupid jokes here n there I am here because i want to meet others to get knowledge from you to inspire me I am a very humble person that welcomes your friendship with open arms I live here in Las Vegas NV You can find me on Instagram & facebook as my username Ryan_C_Hernandez and you can also google me I recently was in Florida and would have loved to meet you If you want to contact me you can also send me an email I don't read them often tho [email protected] Xo Ryan Hi; I am trying to find the "rhythms and" guy who posted October of this year (2015). Also, why does it seem that all the blind or VI men live up North? I am an artistic individual with a poetic streak..fact I have published a book of poems...Although I don't make a lot of money I am exceedingly happy, but only as happy as you can be when you're alone. in addition to my post above seeking a loving girl, it is not intended just for American women, it was just that this is a US website and wasn't sure if people from other countries post here so sincere apologies for those that misunderstood my post. I thought that blind person who I was responding to, was proud of his parents. I don't judge a girl who is not blind, for falling in love with him because of his pride towards his family. Yes, I am young too but it is wrong of me to date someone that young. If she was around 25 though..., that would be about the right age though for me. He said I was his best friend and told me he was named Jesus Christ of Heaven. myths surrounding blindness that I can sort of understand a reluctance. Sighted Girl looking for a Blind guy Posted by alice0731 on 1/28/2013 at PM My name is Alice. It probably seems odd that I'm looking for someone who cannot see, but then again, does anyone really know why we do what we do? I love music, especially considering that I eventually want to be a music director.I am 49 and legally blind but as you all know, not all people are totally blind like myself. I would consider myself to be a very loving, caring, thoughtful, loyal, devoted and very romantic English guy seeking a loving partner who still believes in long term relationships and marriage etc. They're hard working Mexicans who taught me great family values. I hope she doesn't play with his feelings though and with immature reasons especially like color of the skin. Is it right of me to send them an e-mail in the hopes I have a chance? Plus it is wrong to take away a blind young guy's chance with a blind girl his age. If the ladies want to ry dating a blind guy I applaud them. I am full of randomness :) i feel that sight is not required for someone to be who they want to be.I just turned 33, I a have a Master's degree in counseling psych and I have a wonderful job helping kids and families. I'd say about 99% of these threads are all about dating. I've not dated a woman in my life time, not yet anyway, but i know when I do it won't matter to me if she does or does not have a disability. (As I post this the donation has been done.) Be careful. for you blind guys that are dating or want to date a sighted lady, remember this. forestall any of the normal stereotypical thoughts surrounding blindness.I have an awesome service dog who has been with me about 2 1/2 years. Oh there's nothing wrong with that but I don't know, maybe it's just me but I feel that dating should be done via going out side and interacting with people. I need a friend in dallas I am blind from retinitis and hope to get the bionic eye soon I live in Oklahoma and need some help getting around dallas if you can drive a car that would be great not looking for money just a friend thanks mark my e mail is [email protected] United States American teachers though, taught me self-respect and pride. I have seen young blind girls saying that they will date someone. As I have lived, I met God and he offered me his friendship. there are so many missnomors (think I spelled that wrong) and.. :) oops I think I just put a smiley face there sorry guys so used to texting lol.

Hello, I’m a 41 year old guy still looking for a great woman.

And as we all come to know humans are far from being perfect. I am going blind and it would be great to have someone with me and that has been there. So reach out and let me email is [email protected] I was coing some research on how I might meet someone who is sighted who may be interested in dating a visually impaired man. To me it doesn't matter if the woman I date is blind or sighted or has disabilities, just as long as I get on with her. What I'm getting at is that just because you might be dating a blind person doesn't mean that that person doesn't have ideas of his or her own that he or she finds attractive. communication is super important so is patience it's like any other relationship.

If anyone would like to communicate with me here is my email [email protected] So, although this is a few years old, I figure why not. I've been on here for about a week or two now and honestly I'm kind of shocked at what I'm seeing. I met this one girl on a dating site and she actually goggled dating a blind guy after we started talking for a few months I was both amused and frustrated that she had to resort to that because it showed me that my blindness was still foremost in her mind.

I am degreed, so I do prefer that, and am a non-smoker (allergies), and very light drinker.

I am chubby, but swim 3 times a week and am trying to get a recumbent bike for the weekends.

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