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People will welcome u and generally treat u like an honoured guest (apart from the weird attitudes most have towards women that is).If u are travelling with a man, people will rarely talk with u. This is sexist for sure, but the upside is u will get to avoid answering the same questions that everybody in Iran will want to ask." Women in Iran do not wear the veil or the burqa.There's even hand-holding in public between young couples, and no one pays any attention.If it still sounds a little repressive to you, try to remember, travel is about experiencing new cultures and different ways of life."The sterilisation should be done through a project to convince homeless women to prevent social harm," he added.Last week, when images of homeless men and women sleeping in open graves outside Tehran shocked Iranian society, a cartoonist said on social media that the women must be sterilised because they give birth to children with "weak genes".A headscarf and a manteau (or a skirt) over trousers is all that's required, and showing your hair from under the scarf is acceptable, especially now the religious police have been removed from Tehran.Of course, tube tops, bare arms and lots of leg is not acceptable.

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They're pushing their headscarves way back, and showing a lot of colour in their clothing.Once I went up the stairs to our part of the hostel I cold take off the headscarf and even go to the shower with just a towel wrapped around me." be Iranian or Muslim - and that might be as simple as dark-skinned or with an Arabic-sounding name – the authorities will start asking questions. Then get a Muslim marriage certificate from a cleric at home.The easiest way to avoid this scrutiny is to get married. It says you're married and you've converted to Islam – but if you have your fingers crossed behind your back when you sign it doesn't count!) For non-Iranian women married (officially, legally) to an Iranian man, it's a whole different kettle of fish, and you need to read "The Ins and Outs of getting in and out of Iran". The women's rights and freedoms you consider "inalienable" may not apply here.And that is reflected in the attitude and actions of many, but not all, Iranian men. In 2010, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad went on state TV to tell men to stop harassing women.

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