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"But because he betrayed me, I filed the case against him and his friend out of revenge."Women's rights are a sore point in Iran.

Under the strict form of Islamic law applied in Iran, men can keep up to four wives at the same time, a right not granted to women.

All this was meant to encourage young students to observe the Islamic hejab, instilling fears in them about what would become of a society in which women were not sufficiently chaste.

Mehdi Bayati has been putting forward the same argument.

“The kisses were not solid because perhaps this was the 96th person they were kissing that day.

But when our grandmother kissed us it felt like she was sucking us in.” When the audience laughed he added that “they think freedom would benefit them but they were cheated.”I turned to Hasan Yousefi Eshkevari, a reformist cleric who spent three years in prison for his political positions, to help me understand the religious or social context for such views.

“They do it after watching satellite TV and listening to inappropriate music.

But all this affects the embryo.”Even leggings have been pulled into the fray.

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“But animals are different and a female of the species does not have relations with several males at the same time.”Mandegary, like many hardliners, believes Iranian culture has become too Westernized and distant from true Islamic culture.“These words astonish me as much as they amaze you,” he said.“I ask myself whether these gentleman are delusional or have been given wrong information.I thought back to that moment in the school office when I read statements this week by Mehdi Bayati, the cleric who directs Iran’s Strategic Center for Chastity and Modesty.Back when I was in middle school, both my religion teacher and that school counselor dedicated long hours to how Western men and women have lost their taste for one another, how they are emotionally broken and have turned to animals to satisfy their desires.

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