Is bianca delagarza dating

What is the best advice about parenting you have received?Someone told me when Danica was a baby, 'nights are long; years are short.' It's so true now that she is 8-years-old. When you have a few sleepless nights, I remember this: One day they will be all grown and you'll wish you had this time back.Bianca De La Garza is the most popular anchor who is active being as a television host.Additionally she is also a news and stage anchor and CEO of her business.Earning from the successful salary and net worth she is very positive in her professional life right after she completed her education from Emerson College.Currently, she is not involved in any of the rumor and controversy regarding her love zone.

Keep it simple -- making dinners, planning weekends, you name it.Compounding her full schedule, Garza has taken on two new ventures: She launched production company, Lucky Gal Productions and has a late-night lifestyle and entertainment talk show that will debut on WCVB (Boston) in more than 2.8 million homes in the New England area this coming January.In a Q&A with Garza, I asked about her parenting style with her 8-year-old daughter, Danica, the challenges of being a single mom and how she overcomes them, and the specific steps she takes to balance career and motherhood.More than 17 years of experiences she is been dedicated within the television and the media.She was born in 1979 of December in United States of America with American nationality and white belonging of nationality.

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