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And only one guy is man enough to still sport a mullet.

In 2010, Will Forte brings Saturday Night Live’s clueless soldier of fortune to the big screen in the action comedy Mac Gruber. But if you want the world saved right, you call in Mac Gruber.

” Director Jorma Taccone quickly added with heavy sarcasm, “Our movie is probably gonna do better than Shrek. Hit the jump for the roundtable’s full audio, along with highlights and plenty of spoilers, including Forte’s desire to do a nude scene with celery, who stole that used vegetable afterward and the gracious gesture by aims to honor, more than mock 1980’s action movies.

The filmmaker’s conceit is to make a straight genre film with the SNL character dropped in the middle to provide comic relief.

Sorry about the pre-roll, it pays for the bandwidth.

’s star Will Forte joked, “We will take those f—ers down! Collider caught up with Forte, Taccone and screenwriter John Solomon at the film’s press day.

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“You could pick about 20 things.” He started with, “I had to be naked and do something with a piece of celery (that) my mom will be haunted by for a long time, because she was on the set.” Taccone said, “it was amazing how many times you turned around in this movie and saw Will completely naked with, like, a nut sack protector on. At least five.” Most surprisingly, they admitted that someone who worked close to the set actually stole the used celery. ) celery stalk was initially supposed to be a carrot.

The two actors that make up the comedy duo Key and Peele, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, have had memorable roles in a number of films over the years, but they’re currently poised to topline their own film, and they’re getting a friendly (and hilarious) face to come along for the ride.

THR reports that, fresh off a stellar turn on his Fox series (amazing title), a feature film comedy that revolves around two friends who decide to act like gangsters in order to retrieve their stolen cat, Keanu.

Aside from the success of their Comedy Central series, Key and Peele have been popping up in unexpected places on both the big and small screen.

sketch and I wasn’t sure he could make the transition to the big screen.

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