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Okay, so I decided to do something completely different and crazy: A fic of James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Lenz. They told the driver their destination and Joy instantly straddled James's lap and attacked his lips with her own. Joy smiled and slowly ran her hand along his cheek.Not sure how it will go over but please check it out. She loved doing that."I love you too."Joy shifted on his lap trying to get more comfortable and James kissed her neck lovingly."You smell so good." He whispered.The doors finally opened, and Joy intertwined her hand with James's, as they sprinted to his hotel room.

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He seems like such a sweet and down to earth young man and the conversation just seemed to flow between the two of you:) Your questions were great and this was by far the best interview I’ve read this week, if not ever. What he said about the show’s legacy is already true for me : OTH has been a part of me, for 7 years now, and I won’t forget it … He seems very fun and friendly and I like how you guys had a mini-conversation in the beginning of the interview. You asked all the right questions 🙂 Wow – great interview!!!In 2003, television viewers met Nathan Scott, a cute but cocky, athletic but academically-challenged high school junior. I guess now that means I am working on my master’s degree or maybe my Ph. I think we’re going to go down as one of those great teen dramas that hopefully a generation identified with. That people look back on the show and say “That was a sign of the times.” TDW: What message would you want to give to the fans? I would like to leave the fans with a happy ending.In the nearly seven real-time years that have passed, we’ve slowly seen Nathan transform into a handsome but humble, career-minded but family-focused husband and father. James Lafferty, who spoke with me earlier this week about the past, present and future of One Tree Hill, hopes we’ll be able to find out. I think we go to the movies, we watch our TVs so we can be told stories and I would love for our story to be one that ends positively. It inspires and encourages this really great, classic, sort of American setting. Do you have anything comforting you can say to the fans about that? Haley is obviously grieving because she’s lost her mom but these things, it’s like “what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.” I think Haley’s journey through this process is going to bring the Scott family unit together and also her friends are going to have to be there for her. Brendan Kirsch, who does all the sports coordination, pulled everything together and we really made those two days happen. Lafferty: I think it’s a testament to the area, to Wilmington. So one thing in the promos for the upcoming episodes that has everyone talking is that Haley [Bethany Joy Galeotti] doesn’t seem like she’s doing too well. It was really a testament to the work this crew can do.

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