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New York State continues to make important strides in protecting children from abuse and maltreatment despite tough budgetary restraints.

The Assembly continues to lead efforts designed to protect children.

The New York State Legislature has responded by passing laws to increase and strengthen the State's protection of children over the past years.

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In that time, he came to be known as a champion for children as Chairman of the Assembly's Subcommittee on Child Abuse, and as the architect of many of the pieces of anti-child abuse legislation which we today recognize as laws.

This book was conceived by my father twenty-three years ago.

By protecting children, we ensure that New York State will have a brighter future for all citizens.

Preface: 2001 Acknowledgments: 2001 The Concept of Child Protective Services New York State's Child Protective Services Act (1973) The Purpose of New York State's Child Protective Laws The State Central Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment New York State Child Protective Services System Chart Definition of Child Abuse Definition of Child Neglect Other Person Legally Responsible/Subject of a Report Any Person Allowed to Report Those Professionals Required to Report Only Reasonable Suspicion is Required Physical and Behavioral Indicators of Child Abuse & Neglect Chart Mandated Reporting of Deaths to Medical Examiner or Coroner Immunity from Liability Penalties for Failure to Report Reporting Procedures Taking Photographs and X-Rays Protective Custody Special Authority for "24 Hour Hold" by Hospitals The Local Child Protective Service Duties of the Child Protective Service Standard Child Protective Agency Procedures Local Plan for Child Protective Services Cooperation: Hospitals, Schools and Enforcements Protecting Individual Rights Right to Counsel in Court Proceedings Institutional Abuse and Neglect Further Information Local Child Protective Services: Addresses & Telephone Numbers Appendix: The Children and Family Trust Fund Act This handbook was written to serve as a guide through the complex structure of New York State's Child Protective Services System.

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