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Actress Jodhi May has said that there is “a lot of talk and no action” when it comes to redressing the gender equality imbalance in the film industry.The Game of Thrones star, 42, condemned the lack of “change”, despite the raised awareness of the issue, calling for more “female-focused stories.” “Clearly it’s a lot of talk and not very much action,” she told the Standard.I lose myself in my characters.’ You sense that losing herself is the way May likes it.Happy to talk about anything but herself, a striking presence yet curiously anonymous, it’s what marks her out as one of our most talented actresses. Polar Bears opens tonight at London’s Donmar Warehouse.In a 2012 interview with the UK’s The Telegraph, Rachael Stirling, who played Nan Astley in the BBC’s 2002 adaptation of Tipping the Velvet, said she found it hard to be taken seriously as an actress after her participation in the “salacious” mini series.

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May stars in Polly Steele’s new feature film Let Me Go, about the relationships between four generations of mothers and daughters in one family.‘In Curious Incident, which I loved, it was autism that showed you reality through a completely different prism. ‘On one level it’s a comedic look at what could be a dark subject but it never trivialises it,’ says May.He’s very innovative as an author, there’s an authority that’s driven from an entirely different perspective. ‘When I read Polar Bears I thought it was a beautiful story and Kay was a wonderfully strange character who switches so quickly you are never quite sure where you are.’ It’s equally quite hard to know where you are with the mood of Polar Bears. ‘Kay is humorous about herself to distract herself from her condition.That’s a privilege.’ May looks slightly baffled and her guard goes up when I ask if she feels fondness for the characters she plays, Kay in particular.‘That doesn’t come into it, it’s very difficult to look at a character from the outside.

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