Keisha knight dating

Ed believes that Keshia had been having an affair with her ex-boyfriend.

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He continued: I find it incredibly unfortunate that any man would dessert his woman, his pregnant wife, furthermore to do so behind her back while publicly questioning her character by asking for a paternity test to me is corny.

Feden, the prosecutor, warned the jury not to fall into the trap of confusing celebrities with the characters they play. “In reality, we only have a glimpse of who they really are.” Cosby’s lawyers tried repeatedly to get the case thrown out, arguing that a previous district attorney promised him he would never be charged, and that witnesses have died, memories have faded and the comedian is all but blind.

Her very messy and very public divorce is one for the books, and the drama just keeps on coming!

Constand, who said she thought it was an herbal product, told police she fell into a stupor, unable to rebuff him as he molested her on the couch. Prosecutors on Monday opened the trial with a woman who broke down in tears as she testified that the comedian had violated her, eight years earlier, at a hotel bungalow in Los Angeles.

Kelly Johnson, of Atlanta, worked for one of Cosby’s agents at the William Morris Agency.

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