Leeteuk and taeyeon dating

It is not the first time rumors of the two dating have surfaced — they sparked in March when they were spotted wearing identical necklaces.Lee Teuk, 27, is the leader of his popular 13-man band and has played several small screen roles as well as hosting variety and radio programs.Leeteuk and Taeyoen's scandal surfaced when they were seen wearing similar jewelries. The story about Leeteuk and Taeyeon sharing earrings doesn't make sense in this case.However, it was found that their jewelries were different, giving no bases to the claim that they are dating. You can see Leeteuk wearing the 2 sets of earrings. There was also a rumor about Leeteuk and Taeyeon wearing the same necklaces. You can see that Taeyeon's necklace has a stone in the heart while Leeteuk's necklace does not have a stone.He opened up to the MCs and fellow guest on his recent "couple earring" incidents.Top Korean management firm SM Entertainment has denied that its artists Lee Teuk of boy band Super Junior and Taeyeon of female idol group Girls' Generation are in a romantic relationship. Hawkeyed netizens have spotted the rumored couple wearing the same black rabbit ear earrings.There is a rumor that Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and Jessica have dated various male kpop stars.

Super Junior’s Lee Teuk and Girls Generation Taeyeon are supposedly dating. First, Lee Teuk was caught with them on at the SM Town Live concert in Seoul in late August, then Taeyeon had them glued to her ears on the red carpet at the “Super Bad” movie premiere a few days ago.They were defending each other and ended it in a good way but they both ended up like that ㅋㅋㅋ As an outsider, I just feel bad for the fans because the couple made their fans idiots2.[ 412, -8] Why is she pretending like she's so well-mannered? [ 53, -0] Taeyeon is a total fox ㅋㅋ Look at Kangin's Kakaotalk status, it's targeting her. [ 235, -26] For Myungsoo's case, it was the girl who was the only one showing off and there was not a picture of them. ㅋㅋ The pictures at a supermarket and a kiss picture are definitely different.He was dumbfounded at her news with Baekhyun ㅋㅋ She was being a fox but acted like a victim... Honestly for Myungsoo's case, it was the fans who were delusional and making rumors. [ 300, -14] I'm not a fan of either side but I pity the fans ㅠㅠ Since long ago, there were many Panns of Baekhyun and Taeyeon and the Pann writers were all saying that they were dating, but Sones and EXO fans always defended them and said they're just dongsaeng-noona.

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