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"I think Georgina needs to take a stand and be there for her husband."She continued, "He's never harmed me or did anything to me—we've done several movies together. So stand up."Earlier today, Georgina Chapman announced that she was leaving her husband as he continues to face sexual harassment allegations.

Lindsay Lohan has come out in defense of Harvey Weinstein, the powerful movie executive accused of sexual harassment, assault and rape.So much so, that many have complained to the company that they often have difficulty convincing potential partners that they are who they say they are.“We’ve had celebrities reach out to us frequently throughout the last year, sort of calling out various frustrations convincing users that they were actually who they are,” co-founder Sean Rad, who first received the gripes two months after it launched in Autumn 2012, told magazine.“One impediment is that sometimes their Facebook accounts, which we pull information from, includes different names than their actual likeness…“No one believed us, they thought it was lying and say ‘funny joke loser,’” Mateen has been quoted as saying.Mateen himself wants a verification badge, which may also be given to recognisable figures in other sectors than showbusiness, but, according to Rad, “we haven’t decided if he qualifies yet; his account is in review,”“This isn’t something that we are going to loosely hand out,” he added.

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