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I began my success in Coconut Bar and Kitchen, by first building a properly trained team around me. I'm proud of what we’ve accomplished together as a team.I am very passionate about my work at Coconut Bar and Kitchen and I am often referred to as the ‘heart’ of Coconut. Many customers have become friends and it’s heart-warming to see smiles. Our accomplishments would not have been possible without the heartfelt commitment and unified effort from our people.My advice for those interested in the industry is to never stop learning and to challenge yourself to be better every single day.I am driven by the success of others and have learned that in order to be successful, the right team has to be hired and they must have the passion and attitude for providing genuine hospitality.

We want " Our customers who come in to Coconut and feel proud to be here. 10 years ago, I served 60 customers behind the bar by myself and all the customers enjoyed watching me working fast and crazy and they all tipped. At the beginning of my bar career bar, in a night club, I lost a bet with another bartender.

Without the staff, we can't build such a successful business in this short period of time.

As a director of Coconut Bar and Kitchen, I am proud to say, we are one of the best teams in Reading.

Opened the door with the master key and a man was there stood in front of me NAKED! Sorry to disappoint i decided to leg it out the back door.

Although recently i was completely embarrassed by a professional belly dancer here in coconut but everyone had a laugh at my expence that was fun. Worst chat up line heard at the bar: she didnt say much just call me while her hand was in my pocket, at first I thought she was going for my wallet but then found her number.

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    When we can go to arguably the most respected venue in the United States and sell it out — even having friends who came and were met with standing room only — it just made us proudly look at ourselves and say, “Man, this really worked.” There are actually people [stateside] that are into this stuff.