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A Forever Recovery understands that no one approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment will work for everyone.As a result, the substance abuse rehab offers a variety of comprehensive and flexible treatment programs, all of which take into account the unique needs of each individual.Clients graduate from AFR with a customized aftercare plan that includes connections to support groups and religious institutions, fitness centers, and other sober activities.STAFF CREDENTIALS The clinical director is a master’s level licensed professional counselor. ACCOMMODATIONS & AMENITIES This is a 60-bed facility with some private rooms, sprawling over 60,000 square feet.The paths offered are: faith-based; self-help, which uses Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and other recovery community organizations; cognitive, which is ideal for those who are uncomfortable with the 12-step model and religious-based environments; holistic, which incorporates yoga, martial arts, guided imagery, and more; and indigenous, which incorporates Native American teachings into the 12-Steps.Each regime promises some individual therapy — though some alumni polled by reported that they did not receive individual therapy.The negative reviewers frequently said the facility did not live up to promises made before admission, complained of a lack of individual counseling, and noted that there were more security guards than treatment staff. Detox facility is NOT at the 14 acre lake property, but a dingy converted office building in a bad part of town.” And Julie wrote: “There was a lack of individual counseling and poor nursing care.” WHAT FRIENDS & FAMILY SAY Almost all 21 reviews submitted to from loved ones at the time of this writing were very positive.

I had such a great experience at A Forever Recovery. It was designed for comfort and it’s the only rehab I’ve been to where I felt comfortable and was able to relax.

To be responsive to each individual’s needs, AFR uses several different pathways of care.

Rather than subscribing to any one treatment philosophy, AFR holds that any method that can get at the root of the addiction should be used.

The staff at A Forever Recovery are truly the best!

They are very caring and have your best interest and treatment in mind.

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