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During our time on Lonely Wife Hookup.com, we sent out emails to 480 women.We sent emails twice a day, from four different guys, over a period of two months. Since we also got the same number on ULust.com, which is OBVIOUSLY run along the exact same template as Lonely Wife Hookup.com, we’re guessing that any guy who sends out a certain amount of emails gets that “bundle” of emails in return.Like you, our existing members want to find people with little fuss or pressure and we are here to ensure this happens.

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"Time and time again we are praised for our efficient service and exceptional attention to detail - and as such, I truly feel that we are the most unique site out there today." Today we operate one of the most popular matching services and the membership base just keeps on growing. That site is only interested in one thing: getting your money.Once it gets your money, you’ll never hear from customer service (or from any of the women that are supposedly on this site) again.fake dating site, hookups on Lonely Wife Hookup, is Lonely Wife Hookup a scam, is Lonely Wife Hookup good, is Lonely Wife Hookup real, Lonely Wife Hookup ratings, Lonely Wife Hookup reviews, Lonely Wife Hookup scams, Lonely Wife Hookup sex dating site, online dating site, scam dating site Personally, that’s not our thing. We spent two months on Lonely Wife looking for hookups, and found none of them, with lonely wives or with anyone else. No one is talking on chat rooms, no one is having fun, and no one is really communicating. On a lot of hookup sites, you can have a good time even if you’re not necessarily getting laid.However, even if it is your thing (we don’t judge cougar hunters among our fellow hookup-lovers), you don’t want it to be your thing on Lonely Wife The idea that women are just going to give out their phone numbers to text you when their husbands are away is tired, gimmicky, overly-cutesy, and it’s obviously not going to work for ANYONE in real life. For example, on Adult Friend Finder, one of our Top Five Best Websites for Hooking up, there’s ALWAYS something to do.

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