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Maybe it’s now at his house where he takes it out of his dresser drawer every so often to reminisce.

Or perhaps the scarf is a nice piece of imagery and the leaving of said scarf at Gyllenhaal’s house didn’t even happen.

"Doing the scenes with Lee's family – that was hard.

But the family's supposed to be forced and covered and fake, so..." she shrugs, doubtfully, "in a way, maybe it worked." There's a knock at the door; it's the scones.

It's actually more complicated than that, but with a poster that shows a prone, miniskirted bum above long, high-heeled legs, this black comedy definitely has its nudge-nudge aspect.

Hitherto, the 25-year-old Gyllenhaal was best known for being sister to the hairier Jake (the two acted together in the acclaimed Donnie Darko).

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Now, if somebody said that to me, I think I'd confront them.

And now that I look more closely at her outfit – stripy summer dress and flat sandals – she isn't remotely slinky. Mr Grey takes a paternal interest and insists that she stop "the cutting", then starts punishing her himself. In person, however, he made a big impression: "When I met him, I was immediately in love with him! "After we'd done our first reading together, he said, with like ellipses between each word, 'Steve [Shainberg, the director], I think you've hired the – most – wonderful – actress! He'd do things like get a PA to come to my door – we shared a split trailer – and she'd say, 'James wants you.'" She pulls a wry face. I'd be [she adopts a soft, bewildered voice], what is wrong with James today? "And he'd be like doting over the make-up artist." It all sounds very confusing. He'd thought it through." She smoothes the cushions some more. She remembers holding his hand during a scene (where the cameras couldn't see) when he was having trouble remembering his lines. he wasn't with me, and all I wanted was for him to be with me, so I held his hand. She and Shainberg wrangled over everything, including the poster (she lost that battle, she thinks it's dumb and sexist); the nudity (apart from one bath scene, she feels she wasn't taken advantage of); the lines (on the whole, she won). "It was sort of like, he didn't know..." The 40-year-old Shainberg was obviously taken with his young star, and willing to treat her as an equal. In fact, Lesley Ann Warren (who plays Lee's mother) was very put out.

Lee, being a masochist, adores this, and when his attention strays, grabs it back; only for the plot to take another crazy-golf turn when he masturbates against her as she bends over his desk (the film's bleakest and best scene). ' So you know, he really endeared himself to me." She rolls her eyes. "And I'd like walk the two steps over to James's and knock on his door and he'd say [she drops her voice and stares into my eyes], 'Would you like a chocolate? "Sometimes, he'd come on set and say [she throws out her arm and puts on a ludicrously grand voice], 'Who can I talk to about getting a very expensive box of chocolates in my room? "And he did this other thing, which was kind of extraordinary. And it was really cool, because I felt him be moved by me, by my doing that." She also admits to being hurt by an interview they did, once the film was out. "You know," she says, chuckling, "I learnt things from him, but I think he learnt from me, too." I press her for an example, and she says: "Oh, this is a silly one, but I remember for this scene where Lee masturbates in a bathroom, he said, 'OK, so you'll sit down on the toilet.' And I was like, 'What! "She was just so jealous, so paranoid," says Gyllenhaal, with a stricken look.

Then came Secretary, released in the US in September of last year, which pushed her, if not into the A-league, then certainly the B (she's just shot two films, one with John Sayles, the other with Julia Roberts).

Along the way, this "little" movie managed to shake up something else.

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