Mandating community service is bad

C have noticed this trend and as a result have made it a mandatory graduation requirement.

Some politicians in New York City are pushing for the city's school system to follow suit though the Board of Ed has refused to do so.

"If we're going down the road of drug testing for people who receive benefits, then we better start drug testing legislators."State Rep.

Jon Switalski, a Democrat from Warren, Mich., offered an amendment to the drug-testing bill that would do just that, but it failed."If the majority feels that drug testing for people on the public dole is good policy, then it's clearly in the interest of good public policy to test all of us on the public dole," he said.

Some can attribute this to the fact that our current President spent a bulk of his early political years doing community service and has made it one of his key social programs.It also serves as a symbiotic relationship between the volunteer and the recipient.This can be attributed to the fact that participation in community service simultaneously helps diversify an individual's college application while providing free, beneficial services to the recipient.Opponents of mandatory community service express the belief that community service isn't a subject that should be forced upon students.True volunteering lies in an individual's will and drive to help others and enforcing it eliminates that drive.

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