Mandating comprehensive eye examinations for children where is the evidence

A parent or guardian of a high school student must provide evidence of a dental screening preformed by a dental professional (hygienist or dentist) within the prior year.

The Department of Public Health may specify the procedures that constitute a dental screening and authorize a waiver signed by a licensed medical professional for a person who is unduly burdened by the screening requirement.

77 IAC 665.710 outlines the requirements of the diabetes screening.Chronic Health Conditions: IAC 281 41.405 (256B) requires school policy and procedures for special health services.Individuals requiring special health services shall receive special health services along with their educational program. Dental: Code 135.17 and 641 IAC 51 (2007) mandate that parents or guardians of elementary students must provide evidence to the school district or nonpublic elementary school of the child having a dental screening performed by a licensed medical professional (nurse, physician, physician assistant sometime between ages three and six.Vision and Hearing: 77 IAC 675 requires hearing screening annually for grades K-3.77 IAC 685 requires vision screening requires vision screening in kindergarden (or 1st grade if no kindergarden), 2 and 8, all special education classes and transfer students.

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