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Don’t even hesitate to dream they involve something along the lines of this: In addition to lapping the competition when it comes to poses, Dreier is more willing to open up about “why I did it” and “what it all means” than any of his peers. (Also, he apparently speaks with “a slight lisp” which, knowing he was big on impersonations, may or may not be affected and modeled after Dreier’s muse, the Representative from Massachusetts.) Anyway, how did this happen?

Did he have some sort of trauma that led MD the path of Ponz? First, off, there was 9/11: Dreier watched the towers fall from his Park Avenue office.

Dreier had a promising childhood, presiding over his student council in high school and obtaining a law degree from Harvard University in 1975.

He then joined and was by 1985, made partner in the New York firm Rosenman & Colin, Freund, Lewis & Cohen. Starting in 1989, he bounced around from firm to firm finally starting a firm with a partner, called Dreier & Baritz. At the same time, his personal wealth seemed to grow wildly, as he went from a modest house to a mansion; and then a 121-foot yacht. He separated from his wife and began to date much younger women.

But starting in 2004, Dreier entered the big leagues of commercial fraud, and began secretly stealing millions from his clients and others, most in the form of fake IOUs, promissory notes, purportedly issued by companies in the United States and Canada and that he would then con Wall Street financiers to buy.

If any note needing vetting, Dreier made sure he was somewhere along the line and he'd then vouch for the promissory note, with his word being passed up the line and standing as reference.

He doesn’t blame any of what happened on the events of that day, but he does trace the source of almost all his ensuing difficulties to the months after 9/11.

Brazen forgeries and impersonations branded the white collar crime spree remarkable.“I remember feeling an emptiness I couldn’t shake in the last quarter of ’01, feeling emotionally drained and looking to find myself.” And also, his wife left him, which was upsetting, sure, but not as much as being plagued by the thought that he was supposed to have a fabulous life by this point, and at the age of 52 there was little fab to speak of.: “I was very distraught,” he says. I felt like I was a failure.” His feelings of despair were deepened by his keen, lifelong sense of entitlement, a hard-core belief that he was destined to achieve great things.For months he brooded over the wreckage of his life. I was very, very caught up in seeing the criteria of success in terms of professional and financial achievement, which I think was a big part of the problem. And I wanted to be happy again.” It’d be enough to send anyone to a place where the next logical thing to do would be impersonate hedge fund managers and stage fake conference calls!I do not think he is made to be a sympathetic person here, in fact, he mostly appears as a major a hole who ruined many people lives, including his own family.A lot of this is him trying to tell his lawyers how to approach the judge in influencing his final sentence. This video is definitely not an endorsement on becoming a Ponzi schemer or a stealer of millions through theft and deception.

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