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It was also posted on TVA’s public NEPA review website. Of these, approximately 1,300 were form letters that were created and submitted by the Sierra Club.

Sierra Club’s substantive comments included a set of TVA’s preferred alternative is Alternative B under which TVA would construct and operate a new gas-fired CT/CC generating plant on a 73.3-ac parcel that TVA leases immediately south of the existing coal-fired facility.

The Draft EA and Draft FONSI were released for comment on July 2 and July 18, 2014, respectively.

Accordingly, the Supplemental EA focuses entirely on the merits of three different approaches to obtaining cooling water (the earlier plan to use greywater, use of groundwater, and the purchase of potable water from Memphis Light, Gas & Electric). The natural gas plant will utilize a closed loop cooling cycle that will result in recycling of 99 percent of the water used for cooling.

The minimal impact and the lack of interest in use of greywater in the original EA supported the decision to not open the supplemented EA for further public comment.

The agreements require TVA to reduce emissions across its coal-fired generating system and take other actions at its coal plants, including retiring some of the units.

Environmental Protection Agency, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and three environmental advocacy groups, including the Sierra Club.

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