Medieval dating

Therefore, samples of brick for luminescence dating were taken from the remaining little tower.Results indicate a chronology later than assumed: second part of the 12th century and first part of 13 Le donjon d’Avranches représente un des rares témoins de l’architecture castrale anglo-normande.2): it is located at the junction of the surrounding northern wall (north-west/south west oriented) and the load-bearing wall from the northern wall to the south-western wall.A previous passageway through this load-bearing wall, turned into a niche, is built with bricks for the arch and the jambs.Whether its edification is one of the first examples of early Anglo-Norman keeps or the result of a continuity of castle building during a war period needs to be ascertained.Amongst the remains of the original keep, a structure identified by one of us was suitable for a sampling series (fig.In spite of the little number of samples available due to the limited area of welle preserved remains, 5 samples are enough to get a sufficiently accurate age of this structure.However, the dates that are to be obtained are only representative of this little part of the whole castle building.

Les résultats semblent suggérer une construction plus tardive qu’on ne l’envisageait, entre la deuxième moitié du The study of the keep of Avranches takes part of the activities of the European CNRS research group “Ceramic Building Materials and new dating methods” (« Terres cuites architecturales et nouvelles méthodes de datation »; 2005-2008).Son plan présente d’importantes resemblance avec d’autres edifices de du même contexte chrono-culturel, comme le donjon d’Ivry-la-Bataille ou la Tour de Londres.Ces ressemblances posent la question de la place du donjon d’Avranches dans cet ensemble : s’agit-il d’un édifice précurseur ou d’une imitation ?The age is given by the following age-equation: (1) T = Q / I with T, the time (expressed in years) elapsed since the last firing of the object, Q (in Gy) is the total dose stored since the last firing (also called “paleodose”) and I, the annual dose rate (in Gy / yr).To measure the time elapsed since the last firing two series of experimentation are performed: the determination of the paleodose and the determination of the annual dose rate.

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