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This is why people are compatible at the beginning of a marriage but as time progresses, emotionally, they mature at different rates.

Emotionally, people do not mature at the same rate.

tho i think with us guys it is more kind of part and parcel of the cerebral chemistry. That's interesting what you said about the cerebral chemistry Eric. - You're normally the type of person that tries to hide your emotional reactions behind a facade and you're looking for "chemistry" so you don't have to hide how you really feel, seeking someone that gives you permission through their indirect communication to get over your own insecurities.

For sexual relations, a physical chemistry is important For love/compatibility relations, physical chemistry is important but the emotional chemistry has a higher value and influences the relationship in a greater degree over time.

90% of what they form an emotional connection to is themselves.

The other person simply provides a shallow avatar that develops a plausible verisimilitude to a real person.

Or are you defining it more like "I'm sitting here on the internet chatting with this person.

I can't wait to meet them and go do things I like so I can ejaculate my emotional reactions on them, and I want to take them to do things so I can measure their reactions to see if they react how I think they should so I can determine if we have emotional chemistry." Not based on your "loose definition" of "emotional chemistry." If I find them physically attractive, then I'm excited to spend time with them. focused on my penis) there's not a lot of focus on determining personal feelings regarding "emotional chemistry" and no one cares, so I wouldn't try to figure out if they felt "emotional chemistry" with me later. Part of what determines physical chemistry is a lot of indirect communication.

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