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I have been single for 5 years and just began dating 18 months ago. When my friend realized that her mom was my age (38) when it happened, she felt terrible about over-reacting such a long time ago.

Last night he came over to my home after our date and while we were having sex my 17 year old, who was supposed to be at his dad's house for the night, came into the house, heard us and yelled for us to stop. But my friend was 17 at the time and was horrified! I can't say how you should handle it, but your son overreacted and was very disrespectful to you.

Calgaro lives in northeastern Minnesota while her child lives in central Minnesota.He hasn't had to share the attention of his mother in a long time and he probably feels a little threatened.I don't have any good advice, but that's what it sounds like to me. ') I am a birth-mother who is happily reunited with my adult son, and I cannot imagine this happening. I expect they charged as incest is a crime - why not both of them I dont understand, then. cant remember how I heard of it but it does appear real. I try to keep that in mind when I read about these things because if they're adults and sensible with contraceptions then I personally dont see the problem although if it ever happened to me I am pretty sure my horror at feeling attraction towards a relative would pretty much dampen anything ever happening. Prosecutors said that that weighed in on the incest charge because at one point her and the grown son had sex in a bathroom so the kids couldn't hear. (Just as an aside, and to be sure no one misunderstands me: Genetic Attraction can be as simple as 'my daddy is red-haired and brown-eyed, and I always notice and like red-haired, brown-eyed guys' NOT 'I want to sleep with all my relatives! Why would prosecution charge her with incest and not him?

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