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Another friend of mine is married to an American girl who is absolutely insane and that’s putting it mildly. They don’t regard dressing up as a pain in the ass. My wonderful Thai girlfriend loves to wear high heels. I knew that Thai women can be the perfect girlfriends and wives.

The Thai women you are soon going to meet want to be your loyal bride. Thai women are Well, because of the five reasons that I just mentioned.

Or they try to enter a market they know nothing about, instead of figuring out what they already enjoy that people are willing to pay for. But that’s unnecessarily harder than finding something that has an existing market that you already know well and can execute on. Don’t pursue endeavors you don’t understand because “there’s money in it.” That’s a sucker’s game.

There are billions in banking and trillions in oil. There is opportunity everywhere in everything; it doesn’t mean it’s for you.

Discover a pain people have and solve it—that’s how you make money.

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So you don’t need a super unique idea to start a business; you just need a market and you need to execute well, preferably better than the existing competition. Once you’ve identified an area congruent with your skills or interests, you need to figure out who your audience is and figure out what they want. If you can identify someone’s pain point and find a way to solve it, you have an idea for launching a business.The more I fell in love with her, the more afraid I was that she was one of THESE Thai women. I was afraid that she was only into me because of my money. If she was into it for the money, she was very bad at picking her prey.When I think back to this time I can’t believe how stupid I was. As it turned out, she was from a quite wealthy family and the last thing she wanted from me was my non-existent money.I was working on this site while she was studying to finish her degree. Maybe it’s because I wanted to move to Thailand since I came here for the very first time.I want to live in Thailand and I am going to live in Thailand. But I don't just take this step because I want to enjoy life with my beautiful Thai girlfriend.

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