Naija dating site to meet naija single men what are the dangers of online dating

NCSN is a member only Nigerian dating site (ages 21 and above) aimed at sparking long-term relationships between single Nigerian Christians with the hope of yielding God fearing marriages.

We only accept singles looking for marriage, which is why we're connecting more singles with their soul mates; and faster too than any other Nigerian dating site.

I asked her did she think she was getting scammed considering how far Georgia is from Connecticut and he has to take a bus to get here.

He gets here and goes back after the three days and not even a month later he’s packed up and moved in with her in Georgia.

Met with her several times and planning to bring her to the US. Didn't think it was possible to meet someone 1/2 way around the world.

I've neglected to deactivate my account since then. Thanks again bigsam12003 Many thanks to your site, I am bigsam12003 on your website but samuel Gbenga Johnson, I have found true love from Calabar named BBSweet (ANgel-I call her) we are planning a family together now, we need ur prayers pls, and wish us happy married life (Amen) Stupefyingbeauty Thank you Meet Nigerians Team. I am using this as a medium as my testimonial and let you know that I met "Cloisterman" on here and its been wonderful. Stupefyingbeauty Hakunamatata Hello, Thank you so much for this medium.

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First of all I felt like if someone helped you get a job under the table for you to have some money why would you even fix your mouth to come back and report something like that.

After that accident my mom fell out with everyone so I told her and she said she didn’t even have to talk to me anymore either and we have fallen out again.

I just feel like this man is scamming her and she don’t see it.

She go into this I don’t want her to be happy and I believe him phase.

So fast forward to this meeting they decide to stay in a hotel for 2 days but she has to pay for the room and he’ll give her half of it when he gets down here.

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