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What none of us knew was that this trip was going to be much, much better than any other we'd had.We didn't have the local knowledge or the connections that they had and used to plan three nights of partying.I dream of building a family with a wonderful woman.I am a social counsellor doing her masters in sociology to become a college teacher.We have made countless friends over the years and value not only their business, but also their shared experiences.When our crew decided to have a bachelor party in Montreal, I knew that we didn’t want to be on our own for planning.

Actually, no one knows how he got there, but he had clearly been on an alcohol binge, since he didn’t remember the trip!

The nightlife industry is an ever-changing business with clubs/restaurants/strip clubs coming and going on a weekly to monthly basis.

If you don’t have your ear to the streets and the right connections then it is easy to get things wrong.

 "The World’s Most Epic Hangover Unemployed Romanian man Mihai Danciu went for a drink with friends at his local pub in Albesti, Romania.

He bet them he could find a job, but the next thing he remembers is waking up 1,675 miles away… Mihai couldn’t believe he was in London (nor could he remember getting there).

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