Negative effects of dating at a young age

Many studies have found that tween and teenage dating are associated with a number of risky behaviors.

For one, adolescents in relationships tend to use alcohol more frequently and in larger quantities than their single peers.

But new research suggests there is probably a “wrong” age to start dating: middle school.

If your pre-teen is in pursuit of a junior-high romance, make sure you’ve talked with them about these five risks: #1 Drug Use – Building on a large body of research, a recent study from the University of Georgia found children who date in middle school use alcohol and marijuana twice as much as their peers who hold off on dating until high school.

First, mood swings tend to be more severe for tweens and teens in relationships than their peers.

Secondly, symptoms of depression are more common among dating adolescents than among those who are not dating.

These conflicts occur both within the relationship and surrounding the relationship.

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Secondly, teenage dating has been associated with delinquent behaviors including stealing, destroying property and cheating.

Depressive symptoms are especially likely to occur surrounding break-ups.

In fact, among adolescents who develop major depressive disorder, a break-up is the most common event that sets off the disorder.

Sexual encounters are especially common among adolescents who are in steady relationships compared to adolescents who are in a series of casual relationships.

It's also more common in adolescents who experience early puberty.

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