Nexus error updating group repository metadata

I'm going to assume that you're already familiar with AWS services, so won't be giving detailed directions.At each step I link to the appropriate page in the AWS console, and follow that with what I consider to be best practices.The bigger audience for this article are those people that are interested in integrating AWS Lambda with their development process.While it's very easy to get started with one of the Lambda “blueprints,” there are some gotchas when implementing a real application (especially with regards to private and public network access).

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Unlike the SCP-based solutions, you don't need a webserver, and the access key also controls who can download the files — which may or may not be a benefit.This approach also doesn't scale well for teams where multiple people are working on the same project, because each person's snapshot builds will overwrite the others'.scp to a remote directory, which is served with Apache or another webserver This was the standard approach to maintaining a local repository in the early days (before repository servers became common).Building a Maven repository by combining S3, Nexus, and Lambda Organizations that use Maven (or other tools that consume Maven-style repositories, like Gradle and Leiningen) have a quandary: how to deploy locally-produced artifacts.There are a few standard approaches: Shared directory as “local” repository I don't know of any teams that actually do this, perhaps because sharing directories on Linux is non-trivial.

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