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The law would require state workers to visit unlicensed day cares that receive federal money, but it wouldn't apply to businesses such as the Masters-Ebey home that didn't receive federal funds.

Carol Scott, the executive director of a nonprofit that advocates for tighter regulation of child care, said she knows of no Missouri regulatory laws on day cares that prohibit sex offenders from living in an unlicensed home day care."I think it's a very good example of why completely unlicensed day cares can be a bad idea," said Scott, who leads Child Care Aware of Missouri.

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, NYPD officers involved in a 2015 sexual assault accusation against Harvey Weinstein expressed bewilderment that the mogul was not charged following the incident.

Police were approached by Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, an Italian actress who accused Weinstein of groping her at a business meeting.

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