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When he first met his girlfriend he had told her he was an orphan, however, he knew he had to tell her the truth if their marriage was to be on solid footing. " Rick said in surprise shock, after fucking Rhonda like the whore she was.

After one night John broke down and told Rhonda everything about what brought him to Scotland. telling her everything from his real name, where he used to live, even what his mother's name was. The only reason he was with the woman was to get as much dirt on John as he could, so he could ruin his chances at the promotion they both were up for.

Within a few days, he had packed all of his belongings, ready to escape to where his mother could never find him.

She had even tried to offer him a drink a few times yet he knew it was laced.

All characters are over 18 ****** John Dollson woke with a start as the thin linen curtains fluttered as the gentle breeze blew through the open window.

For two years now he's had the same recurring dream or more like a nightmare to his mind.

There he met his current girlfriend that he was deeply in love with, whom he thought could be the one, he had been secretly looking at rings.

How she should have heeded those words then maybe, just maybe it wouldn't have ended as it did. She had no plan on breaking up with John as she wanted both men, have them both, spend their money on her just to keep her attention. "I'll have a ticket for you waiting at the airport for you to fly to Edinburgh.

With this, she knew she could get whatever she wanted. " Ruth asked wondering if this was some kind of scam. You don't mind if I watch I've never seen mother-son love before? you're more then welcome to." Rhonda had everything in place as they waited for John to return home.

Since the night he woke to find his thirty-eight-year-old mother giving him a blow job, her naked body highlighted by the light of the full moon.

His mind just couldn't take it, that she tried to have sex with her own son.

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