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For boilers and bathroom fixtures : For more fall sales.

Heating and plumbing headquar- ters hands you a complete line of prod- ucts.

1, 1941: Reproductions of works of art (including 3 one-copy entries)- 11 Drawings or plastic works of a scientific or technical character (in- cluding 164 one-copy entries) — 262 Photographs (including 149 one-copy entries)-— - 556 Prints and pictorial illustrations (including 3 contributions to peri- odicals and other one-copy entries)- 467 Total - 1.296 26 PRINTS OF WHICH THE SUBSISTING COPYRIGHT HAS BEEN RE- NEWED UNDER SECTION 23 OF THE ACT OF MARCH 4, 1909 [1551 Furh (E.) 1,2 Russell (C.

36 Number of entries in classes H-K included in the catalog since Jan.

Wilson (William E.) & Kolosh (Mae Butler) 1546 Thermal insulation.

E.) 1548, 1549 Sealed with a kiss, that's what S-W-A-K means.

Trochim (Louis L.) 1310 Novibrate all purpose pipe hanger.

Updike (Laurence B.) 1316 Chart for determining filter exposures for variable contrast [photographic] paper.

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1581, 1582 For gas range : Hungry patrons need not wait . 1555, 1556 Solid all white metal arm 3-lite fix- tures. 1558-1564 Allis-Chalmers two-stage SS-multi pumps centrifugal pumps — B6105. For plumbing fixtures : It started a new chapter in the his- tory of water closets. For radiators : Even in low-cost homes, it's easy to sell radiator heating.

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