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I’d ask for a nude bra, only to be offered beige or told that black would do,’ Ade told ‘We could never have imagined the reaction to the brand, it’s been truly overwhelming! ‘It’s great to see so many women feeling empowered by a product that’s been specifically tailored to them.’ onsidering there are over 4.5 million non-white women in the UK alone, it's about time the fashion industry called time on the so-called universal 'nude'.Here's hoping the message behind Louboutin's designer shoes filters down to the high street soon, too.

I absolutely love the packaging and it feels good knowing my money is being spent uplifting and growing a black owned business and business owner. I am very late to the Juvia’s Place palette party – but I am doing the Snoopy dance of excitement now that I am here! The Nubian palette is one of the best (if not the best IMO) nude/neutral palette on the market. out-performs UD Naked, Tarte Lorac Unzipped, and my beloved Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette.

eing mixed-race, my medium brown skin has never matched up to the typical ‘nude’ shades we’re used to seeing everywhere.

From shoes to underwear and lipsticks, ‘nude’ has always essentially meant beige or cream, and eliminated my skin tone and millions of others completely.

News of a nude shoe line shouldn't be controversial - this is the shoe choice of the Duchess of Cambridge, after all - but as the shoes are available in a spectrum of creams, coffees and caramel shades, for women of colour this launch is revolutionary.

Because for women like me who have skin darker than sand, ivory and beige, finding an actual nude heel, or a nude anything for that matter, has been frustratingly difficult.

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