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And that’s pretty much all you need from a date spot.

Reservations at Sauvage also aren’t too hard to come across, so if you make plans last-minute and want to seem like a real adult human being, this is the place. It’s your third date with someone, and you want to communicate to this person that you’re interested in more than just making out on their stoop. This Clinton Hill spot has one of the best backyards for eating pasta, and it’s never too hard to get a table here.

There’s also a station inside where you can build your own meat and cheese plate, which happens to be a great date-night activity.

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Before dinner, you can have a drink and snack in the backyard (where they grow vegetables and store a few birds), and, after dinner, you can head back out there for some DIY s’mores.(Let us know when you're ready to send over those thank you chocolates; we quite like L. During most of the year, date night might mean a little, dark, romantically vibey restaurant where you can hide away from the cold.And the food will only make you seem more impressive.Get some cacio e pepe fritters, get some pasta, get some grilled clams, and (we’ll rarely tell you this) don’t fill up on dinner. Also, make sure you really like the person you’re bringing because a) it isn’t cheap and b) you’ll want to fully enjoy these memories.

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