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We're not suggesting you go from hooking up to serious relationship status in 60 seconds flat, but more communication is always better if you work together."It's very helpful in the early stages of a relationship to discuss situations that might be difficult to navigate in advance," Barton says.But if you really want to shack up with your cubemate anyway, read our tips on how to navigate an in-office romance without getting fired or obliterating your amicable work environment.It's tempting to keep your budding romance as quiet as possible, especially if there are complicating variables, like a difference in hierarchy."Psychologists are prohibited from relationships with anyone for whom they have an evaluative influence, so in something like therapy it's important to have clear boundaries or you could lose your license," Barton explains."In other words, it had really better be worth it." If the relationship flounders, you'll have to consider how difficult everyday work life will be—walking past your former paramour's desk to go to the kitchen.

Ideally, your office lover will be someone you don't actually work with directly—it's someone in a different department, someone who works on a different floor, or maybe even someone who works in a completely different office location."The goal is to keep your job and get the relationship, not to lose both," Barton says."So keep both in mind." If they're picking up what you're putting down and you've gone on a few dates, then initiate a conversation to discuss the state of your relationship.Keep the PDA to a minimum—actually, best not to have any PDA."I tell my clients there's an inverse relationship between logic and arousal," Barton says.

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