Online dating over the last decade

We've since lost touch and I honestly think he's just a misunderstood/properly labeled asshole who made people laugh.Throughout my university years I had 1-2 actual boyfriends and spent the rest of my undergrad time making out with whomever I fancied, usually under the influence of alcohol whilst attending a series of on and off-campus parties.Launched in 2004, the site has almost 20,000 visitors monthly putting it into the top quartile of similar sites.Registration is simple and straightforward and users only need provide an email and enter a username followed by a password.I definitely have a physical type: Tall, average to fit build, broad shoulders, dark hair, doric or aquiline nose and light eyes.My secondary preferences are a combination of the aforementioned characteristics with pretty eyes (of any color), a great smile, sandy brown hair and virile voice.Fast forward to about 9 months ago, I seriously re-entered the realm of dating with intent of meeting someone.Practically, speaking, though, with no interest in dating employees at my job or "setting up shop" in a bar or club to meet "the one," I decided to join two online dating sites: Tinder and .

I generally eschew the super athletic gym-rats, former jocks and such -I think because I automatically assume they would only be interested in the conventionally hot women I have nothing in common with; I don't have long blonde hair, tan skin and a pilates physique.

As one of the forerunners of the so-called age gap dating or sugar momma dating, Age Match is a great choice if the user is a sugar baby looking for a sugar momma or an older cougar looking for her young man.

Read More » Seeking Arrangement is a website specifically for sugar daddies or sugar mommas and their sugar babies where all parties can express what they are looking for from the other party with little or no time wasting!

I never met any of them physically, although I spoke on the phone a few times with a gentleman 2-3 years my senior (in college at UMiami at the time) and exchanged photos of PG-13 graphicness.

Then, several months before I started at Vanderbilt, I had an ongoing "feud" with an internet troll in the WYHT forums by the screen-name of Kerbis.

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