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Understand, if you are in some parts of the Middle East hacking your phone can expose you to serious penalties up to and including lashes (being whipped with a rawhide whip or a cane that can and often does cause your skin to be flayed off, lots of bad bleeding, gives you scars, is very painful and potentially fatal, and in some cases may result in the loss of limbs) on the severe side, or decades in prison on the light (as in hardly any punishment at all) side.In Western countries you may find yourself serving a prison sentence, heavily fined, or both.This cheat and/or bug has been fixed on some platforms and game versions but not on others. In fact we strongly recommend that you avoid ANY cheat that requires you to alter the system time, because doing that can have completely unpredictable effects on both your game and game account.What this does is basically fix the date/time for the action you took to the future point in time, so if you then restore the correct time you can find that you have anything from hundreds to even thousands of hours to wait before you can do that activity again.This particularly applies to the Mailbox cash award, Free Play forms on EA's game site they address the issue of Time Skip Cheating in several ways.

Players I have spoken to about this problem report that while the fix solved the clock issue, their Free Play it makes a lot of sense to cheat by playing the system rather than outright messing with it.

Backing-up and restoring your save data after re-installing the game will only restore your already damaged save file." Now bearing in mind that this information is coming from one of the two studio development teams that is integral in the creation and expansion of the game (Electronic Arts and Firemonkey), the prior being an International game development studio and the latter of which also happens to be an Australian game studio - and you can always count on Aussie Coders to give you the true word mates, and I am not saying that because I am Australian - OK yes I am but still...

Obviously this can become way out of control if you do it a lot, but having said that, there is a possibility that if you only did it a few times it may be possible to at least partly fix by simply waiting out the timer... It appears to depend on just how messed up the clock and calendar are in your game. Step 1: Close the , close and reload, and the time MAY go back to normal.

The Code Wizards at Firemonkey go on to say: "To minimize the chances of experiencing these problems, we recommend using your device's automatic time and date settings, as this will compensate for time differences in your game even while traveling." Just saying.

Guest It took me forever to find someone who had it, but what you need is ......

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