Online dating statistics for the uk

The study focuses on the topics of lifestyle, relationships, looking for a partner and online dating, embracing more than 100 different themes.The random sample in each country was identically structured in terms of age and gender, with a 50/50 split between: male and female respondents; single people/partnered people; the 18-39 and 40-59 age groups.As might be expected, it’s women in the UK who especially favour marriage vows: one third of them (33%) are looking forward to their Big Day, compared to just one quarter (24%) of British men.- ENDS - For more information, a copy of the or case studies, please contact.

One possible explanation could be that women have now become much more independent and many no longer see becoming a wife and mother as their ultimate goal.

Bridget Jones may have been the UK’s emblematic female singleton in recent years, but these days it's the men of Britain who are more likely to follow in her path … British singles are the most dissatisfied with their single status, men more so than women, according to a new survey by PARSHIP, Europe’s largest premium online dating service, which uses a rigorous personality profiling test to determine compatibility In the survey of 5,000 single Europeans, UK men and women may be the most dissatisfied, shy and serially single in Europe, but their lonesome state results partly from ideals: they believe in holding out for Mr or Ms Right and when looking for love favour marriage over a long-term commitment without the wedding contract.

UK singles, together with the Germans, are the least happy in Europe, with 35% saying they are dissatisfied with their single status and only 39% saying they are truly satisfied.

Dating no longer resembles the courting of pre-internet years.

Even the idea of a man asking a woman out is archaic.

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