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Some websites have chosen to include details of their Privacy Policy in their Website Terms & Conditions.Your website should have both – for clarity, we suggest a separate Privacy Policy from Website Terms & Conditions.If your Privacy Policy is professional, easy-to-understand and customer friendly you will stand out from the crowd and enhance your online business brand.Online leaders such as Amazon, e Bay, You Tube and Google are leading the way – don’t get left behind with a “daggy” looking website Privacy Policy. The Legal123 website Privacy Policy works for both “au” and “.com” websites.

Plus think about buying the hyphenated or misspelled versions.

The two expressions (Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions) are often confused or used interchangeably.

However, an online standard is emerging with the term Website Disclaimer used for non-commercial websites (i.e.

How to Set Up an Online Business – the Legal123 guide.

Everything you need to know to make sure your online business not only complies with the law, but ensures your customers see you are being fair and honest in dealing with them.

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