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The on Update is a pattern for state flow between React components.

It defines a contract for data to bubble up the render tree, and update the root state object, without the need of extra libraries and imports.

Functional React components map the data they receive to UI elements.

I stumbled across a function that's called "on Update" mostly in the form of . Cuz if it does what it think it does, this gets called after every "server update".

I'm an IT student who's having a calm year but i'll need my c /java skill in the second semester so i'm just keeping the knowledge fresh by having some fun with mc :smile.gif: well (i should've mentioned this before) what i ment was actually the on Update function present in all entities. I tried making my class an extention of Entity Player, but simply putting on Update there or calling it once doesn't do a thing. they are other players, not simple mobs or mechanisms.

isn't there someone who remotely knows how the "onupdate" thing works? Have you tried extending some other class instead ? Another reason that comes to mind is that server has exception in Update(), but as a robust server software, it just catches it and logs somewhere and goes on, never getting to spawning blocks part ?

It puts the logic for updating the domain data in response to UI interaction into the React components, in parallel with the logic that does the opposite process, maps the domain data into UI elements (the render function).

This makes the data flow explicit and localized into self sustained components, it also allows for reusable components that are not dependent of other data management libraries, like flux, redux, etc.

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