Oviedo dating

Ramiro I constructed two buildings, the Church Santa Maria del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo.

The Church Santa Maria de Naranco was likely to originally be Ramiro I's palace and later changed into a church.

The churches and buildings of Oviedo follow instead late provincial Roman tradition.

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The following king Alfonso III (866-910), who was thirteen at the time, took refuge in Castile until his followers had killed the usurper.In the 16th century, the only manuscript of Eulogius's writings was discovered in the Oviedo Cathedral Library.Here it was copied once before it disappeared completely from the library.Alfonso III's contributions to building construction are not nearly as well documented as Ramiro I's or Alfonso II's contributions.The Chronicle of Alfonso III does not mention any buildings created by Alfonso III, neither does the Chronicle of Albelda.

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