Park bom dating kyuhyun

"Ok, but that's because I had to fix my hair and makeup! But were on a mission right now, we dont have time for romance! Minzy next Ryeowook and Sungmin, And Dara besides Leeteuk and Heechul. We were completely different than how we were on stage. But the Super Juniors members were very kind and seemed glad to see us. " Bommie exclaimed, her mouth was still stuffed with rice, and a few bits flew into Kyuhyun's face. "No problem, come back any time" Leeteuk replied, bowing as well. " Bom shouted as we were exiting the door, "Do you guys have any corn around here?" Bom flipped her luminous red locks over her shoulders. " Dara cried, "We will win this and beat Big Bang, now watch me whip, now watch me nae nae" She clapped her hands together and started to mimic Taeyang's dance in Ringa Linga. The boys led us to the living room of their small dorm. Kim Heechul kept showing us his favorite 2ne1 dances. "Dara, I have an instagram, you should follow me" Heechul told Dara, "All of you have ones right? "We actually came here to ask for your assistance in our competition" Minzy spoke up, "We need allies on our team" "Oh! "There are plenty of members in Suju" Siwon spoke, "Come back later, and im sure they will stamp your paper" "That's great" I bowed slightly, "Thanks very much" "2NE1 JAIL JAL NAGA! Not only that, but their last names are also Cho.” Although rookies, HITT recently headlined for ranking in at the top 50 on Germany’s VIVA Chart, the fifth Korean musician to ever do so.Seunghee and Hyojung are my favorite ship :punch: :punch: :cloud: :cloud: :cloud: :cloud: :cloud: :cloud: :cloud: :cloud: :cloud: :cloud: :cloud: :cloud: :cloud: :cloud: :cloud: The way they sing together If you are reading this, you will not regret watching these videos. And just because the fans support her won't necessarily mean that she will seek the help that she needs.At the end of the day, she is her own person and she chose to get PS.SEE ALSO: [EXCLUSIVE] DANaka DAN premieres new MV 'RUNNERS' Netizens ruthlessly wrote, "The contrast to Dara's naturalness is so~~~~~~~~ big," "Park Bom's face is all ruined now because of her plastic surgery addiction..." "Wow, Park Bom must have no conscience showing her face in public like this when the maknae (Minzy) became like that because of her ㅡㅡ" "Ex-excuse me... and always have something to insult her for, but they don't even care she's a really good singer with an amazing voice :( These people are cruel. With the talent that she has, she didn't need to change her face.

"Ok one, that's not even the nae nae dance" Bom teased, she set down her purse and showed Dara how it was really done. "Please join us for dinner" Leeteuk gestured to empty spots around the table.

The problem isn't an already attractive group like SNSD getting PS it's when a group wants to look like SNSD and they go over board with PS and end up f##king up their faces. Its not only this plastic surgery debate she has to deal with, but even with her drug scandal it caused her to disappear from the media.

My penguin looking girl needs to come back from self reflecting, whenever the hell thats suppose to end and how do you properly self reflect? She was very beautiful before and I personally feel that she ruined her natural beauty by allowing their words to get to her.

HITT’s Hyun Joon has snagged netizens’ attention, thanks to his striking resemblance to Super Junior’s Kyuhyun.

Photos of the two were shared on online community boards, leading netizens to jokingly question whether he was Kyuhyun’s hidden young brother.

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