Parksville seniors dating

In brief: The year-round to-do list in Parksville is long and colourful.

Nowhere in Canada is the expression "life's a beach" more appropriate than Parksville.

Splash around with friends and family in the ankle-deep ocean. Shop 'til you drop at a renowned roadside market famous for the goats on its roof.

Watch a dimpled golf ball sail over emerald green links.

For example, if over-the-counter flea products meant for a dog are accidentally applied to a cat, it can cause them to have seizures, or even die.

The veterinarian will ask you questions about your pet’s lifestyle to help decide which vaccines are necessary to keep you pet healthy – each pet is different, and therefore, should have a tailored vaccine protocol.

If your pet requires multiple vaccines, it may be safer for these to be spaced out over time.

flea treatment or deworming), nutrition and mobility issues, and will answer any questions that you may have.

Often there are free samples of new products and diets given for owners to try with their pets.

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