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The Apps Marketplace gives you the option to choose which custom features, additions and integrations you want to add to your Live Chat.Right now, Owners and Administrators can use the Marketplace to pick and choose from all of Live Chat’s integrations with various 3rd party tools but more options are coming!Check out the new eye-catchers and change yours for the upcoming Holidays!Looking for a quick and easy way to manage a Co Browsing session with your customer? Live Chat – Median integration is here, making it both easy and convenient to see exactly what your customers are looking at!What’s more, we are planning to extend the Knowledge Base’s functionality with some exciting new features, so stay tuned for more updates!A whole new way to customize your Live Chat is now available!Not only that, our integration allows you to add chat transcript to your Notes.

:)If you guys want to get me a gift I only put the things on my list that I want the most.INSTAGRAM @athleticgolf4life I am a very open and outgoing guy. I love being outdoors and since I play professional disc golf it works well for me.I have been playing sports since i was like 5 years old.With no need to edit any lines of code, you can focus on what’s important – providing your visitors with excellent customer service, available on the spot! Out of the box, our plugin allows you to: Using both Pipedrive and Live Chat? Now you can work smarter and close even more deals while chatting with your customers. Knowledge is power, so it always better to know more about your customers when trying to close a deal.Now, instead of leaving your Live Chat app to check your customer details yourself, we will do that for you – straight during a chat.

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