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This leaves you with a face that appears slimmer, healthier and much more attractive in photographs.

Make your nose appear smaller, less flared or more appealing in photos with just a few simple tweaks.Imagine your face without wrinkles, crow’s feet and frown lines.Now, consider that Pink Mirror naturally makes your signs of age disappear, while maintaining your authentic beauty. Did you know that having a slim face is consistently rated as the #1 most attractive feature that people look for in others? Pink Mirror’s face slimming technology is designed to automatically cut away the perfect proportion of fat from your face.Embarrassed by dark marks, freckles, age spots or scars? Pink Mirror automatically transforms your skin in photos, and makes it look soft, smooth and glowing.Best of all, you won’t even have to perform any work to get beautiful-looking skin, since Pink Mirror instantly covers up skin spots for you.

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    • Rise of Japan's middle-aged virgins Rising childcare costs and economic instability combined with a decline in the number of young women have contributed to a falling fertility rate (dropping to a figure of 1.4 babies over the lifetime of the average woman, well below the "rate of replacement".) As a result, the government and private companies are investing in initiatives such as matchmaking parties to encourage younger generations to marry and have babies.

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    I had a girl who one night went on a double date with her friend and two guys (and some BS reason why she had to "wing girl" her friend) who the next day told me she wanted a relationship with me.