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Dear Sugar I've been wanting a belly button piercing for the longest time now, but the only thing I cannot seem to prepare myself for is the chance of developing a weird ring around the piercing.I've read stories of one girl who had hers done and she had a bubble near the top of the piercing. As you read this, know that the owner of this profile is a really nice and cute girl who is very passionate when it comes to love making. I am a cheerful girl, you will not be bored with me! You came to the right page, I am glad to be here and meet you :* I love to smile and have fun, to make you happy and enjoy every moment we spend together, come say HI and let’s get to know eachother better :* Hi, I am Amber! A lack of skin will likely cause the ring or bar to migrate out and thus it won't lie flush against your navel. There's always a chance of contracting a serious abdominal infection/blood poisoning from improperly sterilized equipment.Also, allowing someone with little experience to peirce you can result in nerve damage or scarring.Since it's in a strange place where air won't bet getting to it quite as easily as if you got your ears pierced, you have to be sure and keep it dry. Here's how to care for it: Belly button piercings can take up to a year to fully heal so be patient with the process.I've also learned that they are not right for everyone.

If you’re looking for an excuse to get a new piercing, here’s one: it will stop you having headaches.She is also a real squirter and can't help herself - so stand back from the screen or you'll get soaked! Cum and see what Marcus and Charlotte have online for you. It is illegal to reproduce, record, duplicate or copy anything contained or broadcast on this site. I am naughty hot polish girl who wanna make all your desires come true! One woman, Sheri Utecht, describes how she used to experience agonising migraines complete with nausea before she got her piercing for ‘fun’.Since then she’s had ‘virtually no pain in my head, which was almost constant before.’ Pretty crazy, right?

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